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Sunday afternoon we decided to take a break and walk up to the Como Park Conservatory (along with several hundred other people with the same idea).  Lilies were the dominant flower on display and while I took a good number of flower “portraits,” it was the abstracts I was most drawn to .  I’ve created my own version of a Lens Baby that has about a millimeter of depth-of-field but I enjoy the results – it’s a whole new way of seeing for me.



We’ve survived another Minnesota winter and are all the better for it…right? With the landscape starting to come alive and our own pulses quickening with the thought of new possibilities, I thought this would be a fine time to start (actually restart) a blog.  Come by often for news about art fairs, new gallery openings, and other offerings.
I spent a brief time in NE Wisconsin last week and experienced warmer weather there than I did two years ago at that same time in the Grand Canyon.  The water and woods were in that transitional period – neither winter nor spring.  It’s easy to talk yourself into thinking there’s nothing “out there” to photograph but there is, it’s really just a matter of looking for it.  The following are a an abstract of pine needles, a neighbor’s pier, and a foray into an HDR treatment on an old boathouse at the end of the lake we were on.