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It’s too easy sometimes to hold back from getting out to take pictures with the rationalization that there’s not enough time or it’s too far to drive to get to the “wild” spots.  But as I run my weekly errands to school, making deliveries, etc., I keep my eye out for pockets of potential picture possibilities.  And a couple of times this week after dropping my son, Nikita, off at school I stopped and checked some of those P of PPPs out.  Here are some of the results…

3 CLYDE BUTCHER – exhibit at the James J. Hill Library

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL  The Monumental Landscape of Clyde Butcher

If you have a couple hours to spare in your schedule, take a trip to the James J. Hill Library in downtown St. Paul – it is well worth the time.  To quote from the exhibit’s brochure:

“The beauty of Clyde Butcher’s photographs is enhanced by the epic scale of his stunning black and white works.  The exceptional size of his compositions – the largest being 5 by 9 feet – allows the viewer to experience the beauty of the site from an almost first-hand perspective.  Their large dimensions, combined with their strong sense of fluidity and movement, allow his work to transcend the static nature of the photographic medium.”

If you have any extra time, take in the video presentation about his partnership with his wife in searching out, setting up, and waiting for that perfect light.