Flights of Fancy • Trumpeter swans on the Mississippi River

In this in-between time of late winter coming into spring, the landscape isn’t always so picturesque. So at some friends’ invitation, I went with them to Monticello to see the Trumpeter Swans that winter over there. The warm water that is discharged by the power plant keeps the river open and hundreds of waterfowl are easily seen from the banks of the Mississippi River. On a cold and very windy day, the ducks, geese and swans were very active and it made for a challenging diversion from the often slower-paced and methodical shooting of the landscape. NOTE: You can enlarge any image on the blog simply by clicking on the image.

Swans in flight 2 WEB copy

Swans in flight 1 WEB

Swans in flight 3 WEB

Swans in flight 4 WEB

Swan in flight 1 WEB

1 Response to “Flights of Fancy • Trumpeter swans on the Mississippi River”

  1. 1 John S
    2016/02/19 at 7:43 AM

    Wow! These photos are terrific.

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