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Red-tailed hawk – three in one

On a recent morning dog walk through Como Park I was lucky enough to spot this Red-tailed hawk in a nearby tree. It allowed me to get fairly close and to take a series of shots against an overcast sky which provided an ideal background for combining three of the better shots into one. NOTE: You can enlarge any image on the blog simply by clicking on the image.

Hawk x 3 WEB


They’re back

Reports are coming in from around the state – the birds are returning from their winter homes and while it may still look a lot like winter outside, they seem to be finally bringing spring with them. I am in the process of preparing images for an upcoming exhibit and thought I’d share a couple images from the exhibit of last year’s spring harbingers.

Red Tail Hawk WEB

Red-winged blackbird in flight WEB


Cooper’s Hawk and Flicker

A couple of days ago while walking the dog I stopped in an open area of Como Park to take a picture of a Flicker that was on the ground. As I was photographing, the bird rolled on its side and before I could think of a reason for such odd behavior, my viewfinder was filled with the explosion of a life and death struggle.  I now realize the Flicker was trying to make itself small so as to be less of a target for what followed – its demise from a strike of the talons of a Cooper’s Hawk.